Maria Emilia Chemicals Philippines Co.

MEC Phils. Co. dates back to its formation in year 2017 with people committed to deliver excellent service as an importer and distributor of commodity and specialty chemicals serving diversified markets. We offer business-to-business innovation aligned with our customers’ needs. We guarantee reliable distribution network, with our own fully-developed warehouses in the capital, southern and northern regions, complete fleet of logistical facilities, professional R&D and competent community.  Our goal is to be one of the best importer and distributor of raw materials in the Philippines.

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"We serve excellent quality raw materials for your business sourced only from the best."

Why Choose Us

Maria Emilia Chemical Philippines Co.

We understand the community's demands

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We value both integrity and quality in our goods and services

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Competitively equipped to deliver our commitment timely

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Business to business solutions

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